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Dedicated to providing the finest business applications,
productivity systems, software, services, and
consulting for the PL/B programming Language

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History, Scope

Since starting business in 1978, Infopro has been continuously involved in providing productivity tools and application development services. Over the company's eighteen years in business, we have serviced more than 850 clients in 26 countries. Infopro supports its products on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms, including: MS-DOS, UNIX SVR3&4, OS/2, VAX/VMS, DG/AOS, IBM/AIX, Windows (including 3.1, 95, 98), Windows NT, SCO XENIX, UNIXWARE, DEC/ULTRIX, Novell, PowerLan, and Lantastic.


First and foremost, Infopro conceives of itself as a service organization. We are dedicated to assisting clients achieve their productivity and quality goals in application development. Our staff understands business and programming. Partners usually have educational credentials in both fields. Infopro offers consulting services and multiple levels of courses and workshops related to its products, the languages in which it programs, and business system design. Infopro instructors have taught courses at client sites and seminar locations all over the world.

Working with Clients

It is not enough for Infopro to sell application productivity tools to clients; we constantly work with clients to perfect their use of these tools and their own expertise in customizing generated ANSI standard code, so we are assured that they are receiving the benefits they expect. As part of its maintenance contract services, Infopro provides direct access to partners and product developers, so that customers do not have to deal with inexperienced middle-level support personnel. Infopro works closely with compiler vendors to assure that its products and programming techniques are portable and make optimal use of language features.

Working with Standards

Since 1988, Infopro has chaired the Accredited Standards Committee, X3J15 Technical Committee, which developed and now maintains the ANSI Standard for the PL/B programming language. Infopro has provided leadership to the PL/B community through its active participation and assistance in sponsoring various national and international PL/B user group meetings. On a number of occasions, Infopro partners have spoken as keynote or guest speakers at PL/B conferences in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Consulting, Training, Custom Applications

The other half of Infopro's business derives from consulting, training, and custom application development services. Infopro is actively engaged in using its own tools to help clients develop both major and minor application systems. From small half day jobs to multi-year jobs, Infopro works with clients to analyze their requirements, provide design alternatives and cost tradeoffs, then implement systems on time and within budget.

Employment Opportunities

Infopro is a business software company writing custom business software, developing productivity tools, and providing consulting and application development services worldwide. We are seeking both junior and senior level programmers to develop business applications and perform facilities management activities at our client sites in DOS, Windows, and UNIX environments. We provide training in our products and in the language we use for both character and GUI environments. Programmers will work with various clients and in-house development projects in order to increase exposure to a variety of programming challenges and company environments. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resume by fax (734-638-9231) or E-mail (info@sysmaker.com) including a list of computer language proficiencies, programming experience, and educational credentials

Infopro, Inc.
2920 Norwalk Court
Aurora, IL 60502-1310
630-978-9231 (phone)
734-638-6139 (fax)
e-mail: info@sysmaker.com

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