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Manage your responsiveness to incoming correspondence. CorrTrack is a multi­user software package to meet your phone, fax and mail correspondence and action assignment tracking needs. Developed for 5 to 500+ user systems, CorrTrack provides easy entry of correspondence and assignment details, fast query by assorted dates, subjects, locations, and classifications, comprehensive reporting, and configurable security access by user.

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CorrTrack is presented to users through an intuitive and visual menu system. Users only see menu selections which they have security access to operate. This menu can be tailored by system administrators to best serve company needs. Various other programs such as word processing and operating system commands can be added to this same menu system.


Correspondence Entry

All details about incoming correspondence and/or departmental requests are logged through the correspondence entry screen.

Edit and Query

Depending on security settings, users may Add, Change, Delete, Review, and/or List correspondence for their own department or other department. When one user changes something, it is still possible for other users to simultaneously review the same information; the system never locks a user out during normal operation.

Extra Notes

From the Correspondence Entry screen users can jump to extra note entry and/or assignment entry screens.


Users can quickly browse through past due or open correspondence and assignments for their departments.


For each logged correspondence item, various levels of assignments may be made to request (and log completion) of actions necessary to respond to the correspondence. Depending on security, one department can assign work to another department, which can further assign more work to additional departments and/or staff.

Response Tracking

Each assignment is tracked together with the originating correspondence. Users can quickly view the status of all assignments for a correspondence document together with departmental responsibilities and due dates for action.

Management Reports

A wide range of reports is available to measure turnaround, completions, rejections, and status of outstanding assignments. Reports can be displayed, spooled, or printed to a variety of printers.

07/05/99             ABC Company Correspondence Tracking System           Page: 1
14:00          CORRESPONDENCE Turnaround between 06/01/99 and 07/05/99

­­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­   ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­
Location  Corresp  On Time  On Time  Overdue  Overdue   Overdue  Overdue  Overdue
           Count    Count   Percent   Count   Percent   Max Day  Min Day  Ave Day
­­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­   ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­  ­­­­­­­
ADMIN           4        1    25.00        3    75.00        31        0       16
BTP             3        2    66.66        1    33.33         3        0        1
EDP             1        0      .00        1   100.00        16       16       16
HWY             5        0      .00        5   100.00        33       15       20
OHR             2        2   100.00        0      .00         0        0        0

          =======  =======  =======  =======  =======   =======  =======  ======= 
               15        5    33.33       10    66.66        33        0       12

      Report run by Bob       for Location: ALL


Frequently Asked Questions about CorrTrack

Can CorrTrack deal with multiple users and/or departments?

Infopro CorrTrack is designed to be multi-user and multi-department. It can accommodate integrated databases as well as separately secured databases.

How is security applied?

Security can be applied at the database, file, record, or even field level for what users can add, modify, report, or view.

Is there a limit to the number of users?

There is no inherent software limit to the number of users simultaneously using Infopro CorrTrack; limitations are hardware and license oriented. CorrTrack programs are designed for efficient multi-user operation in small (under 20), medium (under 250), and large (500+) user environments.

What is the File Structure?

Infopro CorrTrack uses native files for its database for speed, efficiency, and so that it is not necessary for customers to purchase a database system. CorrTrack comes with an export feature which can output fixed field and/or comma delimited ASCII extracts from the CorrTrack database. CorrTrack supports the normal types of data selection capabilities (by index key range, by combinations of ranges of low and high values of various fields, by matching on field contents including wild cards, etc.). This feature can be used to send data to word processors, spreadsheets, and other popular third party application software products.

An optional ODBC driver for Windows is also available for CorrTrack through which all CorrTrack files can be accessed so that popular software products can directly access and update CorrTrack information without the need for export / import processing.

What operating systems and environments does it work under?

Infopro CorrTrack is currently supported for the following operating systems and environments:

        Microsoft Windows: 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
        UNIX: most variants and flavors

Infopro CorrTrack is compatible with these networks:

        Novell, LANtastic, PowerLan, Windows NT, UNIX NFS, UNIX Samba, SCO Vision

Can CorrTrack be customized?

CorrTrack is suitable for many of our customers right "out-of-the-box", but you may wish to extend its capabilities in various ways which require programming. Infopro charges from US$75-175 per hour for consulting/training/programming services. If you wish to add a few fields to the Correspondence document and Assignment screens, this may take a half a day to accomplish, with a cost of about US$500. If you wish us to modify some existing reports in small ways, this make take a couple of hours, with a cost of about US$ 250. If you wish us to create a new report with a variety of new features, this may take us a day, at a cost of about US$1000.

How is installation handled?

For installation, we offer the following:

  1. You can install the system yourself, following our written directions, packed with the product.
  2. We can install your system remotely by phone, if you have one of the following software products installed: pcAnywhere, MS Terminal Services, Citrix Winframe, Telnet, Reachout.
  3. We can install your system at your site (United States only).

Is training available?

We can train your CorrTrack system administrators and users at your site in a two part course. The first day is user oriented, and up to twelve students can be taught in a single class, either having their own PC’s (or UNIX terminals) or sharing terminals between pairs of students. The second day is system administrator oriented, up to four students can be taught in a single class. These administrators should take the one day user class prior to this second day. If you purchase our Imaging module, the system administrator class is extended by one day for an additional cost of $1,000.

You may send students to classes we hold in Oak Brook, Illinois (40 minutes west of Chicago).

What if we are currently using a correspondence tracking package.  Can we migrate our data?

If you have an existing correspondence tracking system and if you can export your current data to flat file or comma delimited ASCII formats (standard options of most SQL products), Infopro can convert them for you at additional charge. 

What optional maintenance contracts are available?

STANDARD: This maintenance contract covers all patches, upgrades, and enhancements of licensed CorrTrack software modules, and also provides technical support by fax and/or email. Support turn-around is usually one business day. Service is provided Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm Central Time on normal business days (holidays excluded).

EXTENDED: This maintenance contract includes the same items as the standard contract, but adds phone support and on-line diagnostics if you have installed one of the following software products: pcAnywhere, MS Terminal Services, Citrix Winframe, Telnet, or Reachout.

What are the server requirements?

CorrTrack does not need a dedicated server. Small installations (less than ten users) may even use peer-to-peer servers with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. Larger installations should share a network server or UNIX system which is already configured to serve the users with other services. CorrTrack needs less resources than most word processors and spreadsheet programs.


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