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How to Install Demo Package
CorrTrack for Windows

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Product Tour and Demo Available on Web

A demo version of CorrTrack is available with a GUI interface for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.  This interface uses bit mapped graphics, mouse, radio button, scroll bars, etc.  CorrTrack is also available in a Character interface for DOS and Unix.

To take a quick tour of CorrTrack without downloading a demo, click

This tour will lead you through some of the major screens in CorrTrack to give you a feel for the types of information that CorrTrack retains about Correspondence and Assignments.  This tour includes only the less sophisticated features of CorrTrack.

To Download a Demo to run on your own PC:

1.    Download (right-click + Save Target As) the first two of the following CorrTrack version 5.3 demo files. Don't try to directly open the PDF documentation; save it now and open it later. You may optionally download additional documentation (last three items) related to the full CorrTrack product version.

  • CorrTrack Version 5.3 (self-extracting install file):
  • CorrTrack 5.3 Self-Guided Tour:
  • CorrTrack 5.3 Install Instructions:
  • CorrTrack 5.3 User Manual:
  • CorrTrack 5.3 System Administration:

    PROBLEM WITH DOWNLOAD? Some browsers require you to Right-Click and 'Save Target As'. Left-click on large PDF files, such as these, may cause error messages.

    2.    Run the self-extracting demo in CorrTrack53.exe

    3.    You may enter any Name and Company, but for Serial, please enter: DEMO
    and for Setup Type, please select: Pro for Single Users and Demos

    4.    The SETUP program will place a CorrTrack icon on your desktop.   Click on this icon to start CorrTrack.

    5.    Follow the instructions for a Self-Guided Tour in the ct53demo.pdf document you have downloaded.

    De-installing the Demo Program:

    To uninstall CorrTrack from you START menu, select:

            Settings; Control Panel; Add/Remove Programs
            and select CorrTrack for removal.

    If you have any questions about the demo, or would like a member of our staff to talk you through the demo, please feel free to call or e-mail us (details below).


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