A flexible user interface and application menu system
for execution of PL/B programs, supporting
common data, spooling, job queuing,
user security and multiple levels
of menu panels.

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For System Administrators

GUIDEMAKER™ is a tool for system administrators to manage the functions and programs to which their users have access. It gives user a fast and easy-to-use menu system with windows, ring menus, and on-line help.

Easy to Use Menus 

With GuideMaker's visual menu system, users can walk through menus as easily as pressing arrow keys.  A menu system consists of selection panels, each of which can be linked to other panels. When a selection is highlighted, pressing the right arrow pops up a submenu (if any).  Pressing ENTER executes a selection. Users may jump directly to any point in the hierarchy with short cut keys.  Entering a level number jumps back to that level.

Application and User Security

Each user signs on with a user name and password (if any).  Each user is assigned a home panel within the menu structure.  Security can be set up to permit selective access to menus, programs, operating system commands, job queuing, background task execution, and more.  Users only see selections for which they have privileges.  Security can be grouped by user department and level.

Launch and Track Applications

Define and maintain a common menu structure for all users, together with program interface specifications and prompting messages.  An optional logging feature tracks program executions.  In addition to moving about the menu and selecting programs for execution, users can: Log On/Off, Lock Keyboard, Print Menu Screen, and Jump Directly to a Specific Program or Menu Panel.  After each program execution, the user will be returned to the departure point of the menu structure.


Mail System

GuideMaker comes complete with an electronic mail system.  Each time the user returns to a menu, mail status is checked and displayed.  Users can compose, send, receive, review, acknowledge, forward, and discard mail messages.  Various priorities can be assigned to mail to facilitate review and response.

Printer Interface

GuideMaker can flexibly prepare and manage spool files and submit them to a choice of printers and/or unspool tasks.  Printer preferences can be specified by user and program.

PL/B Program Interface

GuideMaker is written in the PL/B language, and is delivered with source code which can be compiled with user COMMON data definitions.  GuideMaker contains an extensive user programmable interface into COMMON data setup, spool file preparation and disposition, and PL/B program error message diagnostics.

Operating System Flexibility

GuideMaker runs under MS-DOS, OS/2, UNIX, XENIX, DEC/VMS, DEC/ULTRIX, IBM/AIX, and Datapoint operating systems in a wide variety of hardware and network environments.  Now you can standardize on GuideMaker as your menu and application support environment for each of your systems. Using its flexible script interface, the same guide files can actually run in multiple environments.

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